Daftar Film Box Office

Weekend Box Office Estimates (U.S.)
Mar 26 – 28 weekend

Sumber : Yahoo Movie

No. Movie Studio Weekend Gross Total Gross Weeks
1 How to Train Your Dragon Paramount century $43,300,000 $3,300,000 1
2 Alice in Wonderland Walt Disney $17,300,000 $293,100,000 4
3 Hot Tub Time Machine MGM $13,650,000 $13,650,000 1
4 The Bounty Hunter Sony Pictures $12,400,000 $38,812,000 2
5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 20th Century Fox $10,000,000 $35,776,000 2
6 She’s Out of My League Dream Work $3,526,000 $25,601,000 3
7 Green Zone Universal Pictures $3,350,000 $30,440,000 3
8 Shutter Island Sony Pictures $3,175,000 $120,600,000 6
9 Repo Men Universal Pictures $3,048,000 $11,342,000 2
10 Our Family Wedding Fox Searhlight Pictures $2,200,000 $16,785,000 3

4 Responses to Daftar Film Box Office

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  2. Dandhing berkata:

    piye kok ra diupdate iki gan heroe, pengunjung kuciwaaa, kakakakak

  3. dischouse berkata:

    coba di search aj gan..soalna lo lwt daftar film BO blm saya update lg he…

  4. agus wibowo berkata:

    green zonenya kok gak da mas??

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